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Optimize Your Health and Wellness Program

Are you an owner of a boutique, salon, or spa who wants to have exclusive access to good for your skin products in your store? Our cosmetic line is vegan, zero cruelty, gluten free and paraben-free to easily market to your customers all while increasing your sales. Learn more about our wholesale package below.

Introducing Aubrie’s Beauty Workshop Wholesale Package!

Our wholesale package offers an excellent opportunity for your business to access high-quality makeup and skincare products at competitive prices to share with your customers - to help generate more sales.

Whether you run a retail store, salon, or spa, our wholesale package is designed to meet your needs.

Our team will work with you to ensure that you have a custom package that will meet the needs of your customer base. With our different packages, it makes it easy to start small or go all out.

Stephanie Fichter

(Aubrie’s Beauty Workshop Owner)

Benefits of Choosing Our Wholesale Package

  • Competitive Pricing: Enjoy cost savings with our bulk purchase discounts

  • Wide Product Selection: Access a diverse range of our products to cater to your customers' preferences

  • Reliable Quality: Rest assured that our products meet or exceed industry standards

  • Flexible Ordering: Adapt your orders to your business's needs with our customizable packages

  • Dedicated Support: Our owners and team are here to assist you every step of the process

What You Receive With Your Wholesale Package

  • Wholesale pricing so YOU can make a profit

  • 1:1 meeting with the founders/owners to learn more about your client base to help customize your order

  • The ultimate guide on Aubrie’s Beauty Workshop’s products

  • Marketing material that will include flyers and copyright pictures to use for branding/marketing

  • Special guest appearance (in person or live video) from the founders/owners to help you launch/market in your store for a grand opening!!

  • Early invitations to be notified about new product releases

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© Copyright 2023 S2A Legacy, LLC -All rights reserved

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