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Optimize Your Health and Wellness Program

Inspiring women and girls who have a passion to become an entrepreneur at the time they are meant to do so.

What is the Trendymama Academy?

A series of modules that will:

  • Help you discover your passion and find your niche

  • Educate you on how to start a business efficiently (product-based or service-based)

  • Showcase tips and tricks to help you standout from others

  • Teach you how to brand yourself and be a leader of change in the entrepreneurial world

  • Develop a game plan for your first year through jam-out sessions

  • Uncover the latest technologies that can take your business to the next level

Who is the Academy For?

Women and girls of all ages! Mothers and daughters, nieces and grandmothers, the young 5th grader, the active teenager, the college student, the intern, the retired women, the exhausted mom who is ready for a change.....is this you or do you know someone who can benefit from this to make a difference in their lives?

In the Trendymama Academy You Will Learn:

  • What does it take to start a business?

  • Branding you!

  • Finding your niche (aka: passion) and understanding WHY you want to do it.Get educated on how to turn your dream into a reality.

  • How to unleash your inner passion through idea creation activities/sessions.

  • Learn how to plan out your business with examples and tools you can take away

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You Will Also Receive:

  • Did someone say swag? A surprise gift bag sent to you with some goodies from Aubrie’s Beauty Workshop and more!!!

  • When purchasing the academy, you will receive a toolkit sent in the mail that will cover each course section topics and outline. Includes blank pages for you to to write down your ideas during our jam out sessions, and stickers to add to your favorite water bottle.

All of this for a one-time fee of $250!



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© Copyright 2023 S2A Legacy, LLC -All rights reserved

Privacy Policy

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